family constellation

What is Family and Systemic Constellation?

Family constellation is a transgenerational family therapy method, founded in the 90s by Bert Hellinger, a former German priest turned psychotherapist, based on uncovering the family unconscious through role-playing and psychodrama, which is said to have the power to resolve conflicts.

By analogy with a planetary system where each star exerts an influence on all the others, from the moment we are born we are part of a family system to which our parents, siblings, spouse(s) and children belong, as well as past generations and all the people who may have been involved in our family's destiny.

Systemic therapy involves working on the dynamics of this constellation, using a representation.
Systemic constellation can be applied to a wide range of issues: emotions, relationships, couples, family, professional, psychological or even health problems.

This systemic therapy is practiced individually and is based on three rules, derived from Bert Hellinger's work and years of practice and phenomenological observation:

  • Belonging: From the moment a being is conceived, it takes its place within its family of origin, and nothing can take that away from it, not even death.
  • Order: The order of the system, of the family, respects chronological order, so parents come before children.
  • The balance between receiving and giving: Human relationships are balanced between receiving and giving.

How does a Family Constellation work?

Constellation is practiced during an individual interview.

In practice, the person doing the constellation his problem (in a factual way) with the help of the therapist.

It may or may not be considered a tool for individual therapy. 

Family members (living or deceased) are replaced by figurines or other objects The therapist works on the dynamics presented by the client, helping him or her to represent the family unconscious and to move towards liberation.

Duration of a family constellation : There are at least 2 stages in the process :

  • Do your own research on your family tree.
  • Identify a problem to be solved.

This preparatory work will enable you to understand and integrate your personal issues, leading to the liberation and restoration of family energies.

In the office or remotely (via the Zoom app).

Overall duration : 3h