Essene Care

What is Essene care?

We're all made up of energy that's constantly vibrating. Essene healing is a therapeutic approach that uses the power of light, sound and the massage of specific energy points to set the whole body in motion and harmonize body, mind and spirit.

These treatments are suitable for anyone wishing to follow the path to their own Self. There's no age limit for this type of care, and young and old can benefit just as much as the sick and the healthy.

It's essential to realize that we are all creators and masters of our condition. The "mal a dit" illness speaks to us and tells us our intimate story. It reveals to us the various parts of ourselves that are not in harmony.

These disharmonies are often appointments that life offers us so that we can grow once the problem has been understood and resolved. It's a sign that our healing belongs to us.

The disease entity?

" Illness can originate in childhood, in the present moment or in another life. It may also have been generated by an erroneous way of understanding an event, by a devastating feeling, by an old guilt - it doesn't matter, it never takes the wrong road and goes straight to the organ or the place that corresponds to it.

In the case of an accident, it will only take a few seconds to take effect; in the case of a cold, a few days; in the case of cancer, a few years.

The disease entity doesn't count itself in time; this notion is foreign to it, as it feeds constantly on the undischarged thoughts we emit on a daily basis. The thought-forms we emit are all at the root of our current ills.

When we advise you to stop feeding a thought-form, we're really talking about that. It's also important to rediscover our old disputes, our unresolved and often forgotten knots, because if our conscious mind pretends to forget, the work of destruction doesn't stop until everything has been cleared away.

Forgiving ourselves and forgiving others is the most powerful factor in this
dissolution. It sheds new light on life, requiring compassion to accept and understand what we were, what the other that moment. Forgiving on the surface, intellectually, mentally, is not enough to eradicate a thought-form, because it's not fooled and you can't fool it. If the slightest particle of grievance remains in the depths of your heart, the cleansing hasn't been done, and the result will always be less than you expected."

(Excerpt from Aura reading and Essene healing).

How does a session work?

The session lasts about 1h30 . It takes place in 3 stages:

Dialogue and presentation of current issues,

Aura reading: contact with the person's various auric fields,

Care using the appropriate protocol.

N.B.: Essene care is not intended to establish a diagnosis or modify a medical treatment. medical treatment.
It should never be used as a substitute for medical consultation, whatever the symptoms.
whatever the symptoms.