Voyance Guidance

What is guidance?

What can guidance do for you?

Guidance is for people who are blocked, uncomfortable or questioning their life in general, or a particular area of it.

These people feel a message that needs to be heard. They know they're receiving messages, but don't know how to interpret them. When faced with this situation, the easiest thing to do is to seek help in deciphering them.

Difficulties can affect the professional sphere (blocked situation) as much as the personal and emotional sphere (complex relationships with loved ones, tensions, misunderstandings)... overall, it's the whole foundation of our lives that becomes abnormally weakened.

The messages delivered by the soul, as well as those of the guides present during spiritual guidance, all point in this direction: to give you the keys to help yourself.

How does a guidance consultation work?

Guidance allows you to hear the main messages from your guides and your soul.

The aim of this consultation is not to remove the bottlenecks, but rather to understand them.

After learning about your situation, through oracles, dice and tarot cards, I transmit the messages I receive and listen to your soul to understand your life path in relation to your mission and help you rediscover a more serene life.

I'll tell you what you need to hear, just as the guides want you to hear it. What's more, time doesn't exist, or rather, it manifests itself through a succession of events or changes to be achieved, like a game of dominoes.

Session length : 1h - In the office or remotely (telephone or videoconference) Price : 60€ / session