Hypnosis indicates an altered state of consciousness. The person in this state experiences altered perceptions compared to their ordinary state. 

Here you will discover different approaches:

Therapeutic hypnosis

Clinical studies suggest that it can improve immune function, increase relaxation, reduce stress, relieve pain and anxiety.
Particularly useful in cases of medical interventions, illness, fear, depression, etc...


Spiritual hypnosis

This spiritually focused practice integrates the spiritual dimension into the therapeutic hypnotic process. It is designed for those on a personal and spiritual journey.


Communication with the dead through Hypnosis

This is a process using an altered state of consciousness as a means of connecting with a deceased person.
It is mainly aimed at those who have lost a loved one and wish to experience a moment of reconnection to help them in their grieving process.


Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy

It is recognized for its effectiveness in the treatment of phobias,anxiety, eating disorders or OCD , and combines exposure, relaxation or mindfulness techniques, work on obsessions, self-affirmation, and so on.