Spiritual hypnosis

Spiritual and symbolic hypnosis

Often, when people hear the word hypnosis, they have a limiting vision of the practice (show hypnosis, street hypnosis). Spiritual hypnosis is the integration of the spiritual dimension into the process of therapeutic hypnosis. therapeutic hypnosis.

It presupposes that the human being is a soul incarnated on Earth to learn certain things. 

Rest assured, spiritual hypnosis is accessible to all, and you can experience it intensely.

You'll feel the need to call on spiritual hypnosis... You'll be able to get an idea of this practice practiced by leading psychologists and psychiatrists, enabling their patients to achieve complete remission of psychological or physical disorders inexplicable to modern medicine or science.

A practice beyond belief

Spiritual regression hypnosis does not fall within the scope of religious or esoteric beliefs; it is purely a practice aimed at the mind. For my part, I wouldn't draw any parallels or shortcuts with religions.

Unlike some mediumistic practices, it's not me who tells you about one of your past lives, or what your soul is doing in the Between-Lives. On the contrary, it's you who goes looking for answers in your higher consciousness, and above all, it's YOU WHO LIVES this completed life to the full, and can thus make the links with your present life.

Yesterday, as today, many limiting beliefs prevent us from believing in the power of this method...

Whether these processes are a pure invention of your mind or a real connection with your higher consciousness, it's clear that spiritual hypnosis is on the rise and widely documented. Anglo-Saxon countries have been using spiritual hypnosis for over ten years, while France is just beginning to discover the practice.

No special skills or intelligence are required to do this therapeutic research work. All you need is the desire to try to heal yourself or to evolve... 

A border that's hard to define. You may or may not know what I'm talking about, but you feel it, perhaps because you've experienced other borders, like the one between youth and adulthood.

I can't change your destiny, but I can help you meet it. We'll begin the journey to this frontier together, but only if you leave your door open to me.

Remember that the work is for therapeutic and personal development purposes... This is not a travel agency offering you "a trip to a past life".

Who is spiritual regression hypnosis for?

Past-life or in-between-life regression takes place in the context of a personal process that you have already begun, or that you now feel ready to begin.

In other words, this type of hypnosis is for everyone. You don't need to have any particular character traits to undertake such an approach.

This new form of change management has been specially designed for those on a personal and spiritual journey. This approach tackles the issues common to hypnosis, while integrating spiritual principles. This process is unique and unprecedented.

It is also possible to undertake a spiritual hypnosis regression process without having a specific problem in mind. Some people who feel "lost" or stagnant on their spiritual path can benefit from this process, as can people who simply wish to progress on their path as a soul.

We've reached a point in humanity's evolution where the spiritual dimension of the human being has every advantage to be taken into account in support processes.

That said, it would be necessary to have a :

A desire for growth

or personal development

While curiosity to explore one's spiritual nature can be a valid motivation, you must above all be driven by a sincere desire to grow and journey through one's experience.
In other words, spiritual regression hypnosis is a process that supports the soul in its evolution. From this point of view, although it is not based on any particular belief or religion, it is nonetheless a sacred process.

Attitude of responsibility

of his life

Experience shows that consultants who see themselves as responsible and accountable for their lives benefit more from the process than people who are more likely to blame the external world for what happens to them.

Letting go


Although it's normal to have expectations or apprehensions, an attitude of letting go and trusting Life is important.

Your higher consciousness and your Guides know what your soul needs to experience, what it needs to access or what it would be good to release in order to progress in your evolution.

In practice

  • The hypnotized person lies dressed.
  • Induction phase: the therapist guides the person into a more or less deep state of relaxation or hypnotic state (dissociated state) by means of a structured and specific induction.
  • Therapeutic phase 

Spiritual hypnosis refers to a number of phenomena:

Past life regression

During a past-life regression, we ask your higher consciousness to give you access to a life that has a marked influence on your current life. From this perspective, you can access remarkable experiences, knowledge or emotions. By accessing one or more past lives, you can :

  • understand some of the karmic influences on your life and trace the source of problems (relationships, illnesses, recurring situations, etc.).
  • free yourself from certain fears or blockages from past lives,
  • re-access certain knowledge or information from a past life to help you progress as a soul.

Regressing into the inter-life

In-between-life regression can only take place after a past-life regression session.

The in-between lives is the spiritual universe where our soul resides between incarnations. It is, in fact, our true home. An exploration of the in-between lives can serve several purposes. It can enable you to :

  • meet and communicate with your spiritual guides
  • reconnect with your life mission
  • reconnect with your spiritual essence
  • get to know your soul group
  • receive advice on the challenges of your incarnation
  • facilitating forgiveness of self and others
  • understand the true nature of death so that you no longer fear it
  • working through the grieving process by connecting with deceased loved ones
  • understand the origins of deep, unexplained feelings
  • understand the origins of certain health problems and stimulate a process of liberation.
  • Trance release: trance release followed by debriefing on the experience.

The session lasts between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the initial objective ("past life" or "between-lives").

Soul liberation

At times, there is a need for "cleansing". This involves releasing the spirit of a deceased person who has remained on the earth plane instead of going to the Light plane.

These entities remain for several reasons:

  • total lack of belief in an afterlife;
  • mistaken belief in divine punishment for his "sins" via hell;
  • attachment to material goods or a building (house, apartment, etc.);
  • the desire for revenge
  • the desire to help loved ones
  • sadness, immense sadness
  • violent death or suicide
  • the despair of his loved ones, etc. 

Deprived of its own body, the wandering soul has no choice but to use the energies of other incarnated people, in this case you.

We invite you to read this article for a better understanding, and to read (or re-read) the work already carried out by Dr Brian Weiss and Edith Fiore.

How spiritual regression hypnosis works

Anamnesis and pre-talk

A 1-hour appointment to define your objectives and expectations, and to give you the tools to prepare for the hypnosis session.
This is also the time for the therapist to assess whether this type of session is suited to your expectations, and to perform your first past-life regression.

Preparatory work

In order to be ready for the session, it is necessary to do some preparatory work.

You'll be asked to watch 3 30-minute videos before the session, in a quiet environment, at a rate of 1x/2d, and to answer a questionnaire.



If the need arises, a 1-hour appointment to validate the contributions and transformations brought about by this session.

To integrate and make conscious the information received during the session. As well as the dimensions that may be disturbed by this process.

Duration of spiritual hypnosis: Spiritual hypnosis takes place in at least 2 stages.
In the office or remotely (via the Zoom app).

One session is sufficient for "Past Life Regression".
An additional session is required to explore the "In-Between Lives".

Overall duration : 4h30
(3 hours in the office + 1h30 of preparatory work)

Price : 120 €


For people with mental health problems or psychotic personality disorders who are under medical treatment for this type of pathology (schizophrenia, paranoia, mania and other psychotic disorders), I advise against such an approach.