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The voice of the Spirit is the way to Healing

Emmanuel Bastian, founder

Who am I ?

A Hypnotherapist certified by the Académie d'Hypnose Thérapeutique du Québec, I founded the Institut Européen d'Hypnose et Guidance (IEHG) in order to devote myself fully to my Hypnosis and Holistic Care activities.

I work with both physical and emotional problems.

Using a variety of approaches such as Spiritual Hypnosis, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Energy Healing and Guidance & Psychic Studies, I aim to bring lasting well-being to people, while guiding them with discernment and kindness.

I'm also a Certified Teacher of Spiritual Regression Hypnosis, Tarology, Kybomancy and Reiki Master.

I work in collaboration with other professionals for specific needs.

My Services

The Institut Européen Hypnose et Guidance offers you the services of a Holistic Care Practitioner to help you deal with both physical and mental problems.

Through various practices such as Guidance, Energetic Care andHypnosis, our aim is to bring you lasting well-being.





Energy care

Energy care

My collaborations

In order to provide maximum help and solutions to a given problem, I work in collaboration with trusted therapists. 

Herlinda Guitard

Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Psychic